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CasaXPS: Processing Software for XPS, AES, SIMS and More


CasaXPS processing software offers powerful analysis techniques for both spectral and imaging data. The system originally designed for XPS and Auger data now offers features covering a wide range of analytical techniques including ToF SIMS, dynamic SIMS and many more.

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Data conversion options are standard in CasaXPS, where proprietary file formats are converted to ISO 14976 (VAMAS) allowing results to be easily exchanged between laboratories.

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Single Academic License: Euro 830.00

Site Academic License: Euro 2490.00

Single Commercial License: Euro 1585.00

Site Commercial License: Euro 4988.00


A site licenses allows CasaXPS to be used throughout a university. Numerous site licenses are owned by universities around the world (click here for list). To determine if your institute is already covered by a site license or to make enquiries about purchasing licenses for CasaXPS, please contact



XPS/AES Data Processing Courses offered by John T Grant


Polymer Database CD-ROM in ISO (VAMAS) format: “The XPS of Polymer Database”, Edited by G. Beamson and D. Briggs ISBN: 0-9537848-4-3


Features in CasaXPS include:

·         Full quantification including transmission correction.

·         Configurable quantification reports.

·         Background type ranging from the standard Linear, Shirley and Tougaard to user-defined cubic-spline approximations.

·         Asymmetric and symmetric line-shapes: Doniach-Sunjic, Voigt, Gaussian-Lorentzian and line-shapes defined from data.

·         Easy-to-use propagation of processing, annotation and peak models to other data.

·         Batch processing for repetitive tasks, including configurable processing, display layout with automatic printing and report generation.

·         State-of-the-art image processing for XPS spectromicroscopy offering quantified chemical-state XPS images.


Image Processing


Dynamic SIMS