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A Beginners Guide to CasaXPS

Videos for CasaXPS 2.3.17 are being added to the Casa Software CasaXPS YouTube Channel

Further videos aimed at people new to CasaXPS 2.3.17 are also available from the Training web-pages.

The following are a set of hyperlinks leading to short screen-cam videos illustrating features in CasaXPS 2.3.16.

Loading CasaXPS onto a PC : Describes how to unzip the CasaXPS directory zip file and create a short cut icon for CasaXPS.

Convert Data to VAMAS Format : An example of converting data to VAMAS format illustrates the Convert to VAMAS File Dialog.

Browsing Data in an Experiment Frame

1.     Basic Selection Mechanism

2.     Merging Files and Overlaying Spectra

3.     Display Options for Spectra

4.     Manipulating the Display and Identifying Peaks

Spectrum Processing and Quantification

1.     Energy Calibrate a Survey Spectrum

2.     Create a Quantification Region

3.     Create Quantification Regions on a Survey

Peak Fitting High Resolution Spectra

1.     Create a Basic Peak Model

2.     Adding Component Constraints to a Peak Model