SuperESCA Elettra (Trieste) File Format


Data from the SuperESCA beamline is written as a pair of ASCII files. To convert the data, both files must be placed in the same directory. Select the Convert option from the File menu or Convert button on the top toolbar and, using the Convert to VAMAS Filedialog window, move to the directory containing the two files. Select the file with the extension _allX and press the Open button on the Filedialog. A new .vms file will be created in the same directory as the original data files. The directory containing the two data files must therefore have write permission for the user running CasaXPS.


The experimental context (time, pressure, temperature, etc) from the _allX file is added to the VAMAS file as a set of experimental variables. When viewing the VAMAS file in CasaXPS, to step through these experimental variables, hold the Control Key down and press the F1 function key. With each press of the F1 function key, the next experimental value is displayed in the right-hand-side of the Experiment Frame. Once all the experimental values have been viewed, a further press of the F1 function key will start the sequence from the beginning once again.