ToF SIMS File Formats


The following files can be converted via the “Convert to VAMAS File” Dialog Window.


PHI Binary files with .sur extensions


PHI ASCII (exported from .sur files): Change the file extension to .pak


PHI TRIFT ASCII (exported from TDC files): Change the file extension to .trf


Kore Technology ASCII files: Change the ASCII file extension to .prn


CMS LIMA/SIMS files: Select the .LIF binary file.


ION ToF ASCII spectral files: Change the file extension to .ion


Quadrupole SIMS Formats


RBD SIMS files are converted in exactly the same way as the XPS/AES files. Simply select the .txt ASCII files or use the clipboard copy/paste mechanism.


Hiden ASCII: Select the .csv file exported by the Hiden system


Millbrooks (Ron Unwin) SIMS files: Move to the directory containing the data files with the numeric file extensions and enter a new name (in the filename field on the File Dialog window) followed by the extension .sims. See VGX900 for more details about reading XPS/AES versions of these files.


Dynamic SIMS Formats


RBD dynamic SIMS files are either converted using the .txt ASCII files exported from the RBD software or transferred through the clipboard using the copy/paste mechanism.


Cameca ASCII: Depth profiles from the Cameca system are exported in an ASCII format and are converted through CasaXPS by selecting the .dp_ascii files. CasaXPS assumes the ASCII file contains the raw profile information.