Loading RDB Text Files


RBD data files are in a binary format, however these files can be exported as ASCII files which can be converted through CasaXPS to the ISO 14976 standard file format. The RBD ASCII files may contain multiple spectral regions. To convert one or more of these files into a single ISO format, collect related data files exported from the RBD software into a sub-directory and ensure that the only .txt files in that directory are files in the RBD export-format. Using the File Dialog Window under the Convert toolbar option, go to the directory containing the RBD files. Enter a name for the new file to be created by CasaXPS and add a file extension of .rbd as shown in Figure 1. All .txt files in that current directory will be read and entered into the new .vms file. Note that the files and therefore the spectral regions will be entered into the ISO file in alphabetical order with respect to the names of the original .txt files.


Figure 1: Convert Dialog showing the .rbd file extension input filter.