Loading MultiPack Binary files


PHI MultiPak binary-file with extensions .spe/.pro/.ang/.map/.sem/.pho can all be converted to ISO-14976 file format by simply selecting the files with these extensions through the Convert to VAMAS File dialog window. The conversion operation creates a new VAMAS file leaving the original PHI binary-file unaffected.


Loading MultiPack ASCII files


PHI MultiPak writes an ASCII format. Data in this format can be converted to ISO format through CasaXPS.



The ASCII files may contain single regions, so called multiplexed regions, or depth profile data. To convert a set of files in any of these formats into a single VAMAS file, the .asc files must be collected into a sub-directory that contains only valid .asc data files and then a new filename must be entered with an extension of .qua (Figure 1.) A VAMAS file containing all the regions from the files in the directory with an .asc extension will be created.




Figure 1: MultiPak ASCII files are converted by entering a filename with an extension of .qua.