CasaXPS Shortcuts illustrated using Videos

Video Pause Button

Captions are used to explain the actions in these videos. The captions appear too fast to be read by design and rely on the use of the Pause button. The videos have a Pause and Continue buttons which should be used to allow time to read the captions.

Full Screen Display Mode is often best for Viewing these Videos

Quantification Parameters Dialog Window

Quantification using Spectral Intensities

Relative Sensitivity Factors and Doublet Spectra Using shortcuts to calculate RSFs for individual doublet peaks

Background Types

Skip Background Type Collecting further information by defining overlapping regions

Spline Linear Background Type Fitting background shape at the same time as component peaks in a peak model.

Basics of background Definition a look at Shirley, Linear and U 2 Tougaard background types.

Edge Measurements

Step Down Background Type TAG field keyword modifiers: intersection, draw lines

Peak Model Component Management

Constraining Component Peaks - Using the # character to release constraints and more.

Display Order for Components Changing the display order by moving component parameter sets on the Component Property Page

LF Lineshape Parameters a review of how LF lineshapes are defined and related to background type

Editing VAMAS Information

Adjusting Photon Energy

Source and Analyser Information Dialog globally changing photon energy in VAMAS blocks

Spectrum Processing Options

Calculator Property Page

Summing Spectra using the Expression Button summation of spectra which takes into consideration the current energy calibration

Converting Data to VAMAS Format


Non-uniform Energy Steps irf input filter applied to NEXAFS spectra

Element Library

Editing Element Library Entries

Using Excel to Modify the Element Library

Using CasaXPS to modify individual Element Library Entries

Display Management and Tile Display Parameter Options

Display of Spectra using the same axes scales- Stepping through data using the Arrow Keys and more.